Scott Shields Gas LNG Consultant Houston - Katy Texas

Scott Shields Gas LNG Consultant Houston - Katy Texas

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More on Scott Shields LNG and Gas Experience:
  • Expanded Several Energy Companies' Marketing, Trading and Derivatives Businesses
  • Completed largest structured transaction in Enron paper group’s history, measured at $10 million in gross margin;
  • Increased transactions with end-users and profits from $75 million to over $1 million in marketing and trading business of Sonat Gas Marketing in mid-continent & Gulf;
  • Taught and expanded use of derivatives structures with clients;
  • Founded and grew Business Units of Enron, Enserco, Sonat and Oasis;
  • Founded, raised capital, and successfully merged Oasis Bank SSB:
  • Served as Director and Chairman of M&A and Asset and Liability Committees;
  • Merged with $1 billion Spirit of Texas Bank in 2012;
  • Introduced MOU from SPAC for second wave LNG export facility;
  • Headed and Marketing organization for Repsol Energy North America;
  • Originated $7.5 million gross margin double novation:
  • Linked production, midstream, transmission, storage and two combined cycle power plants;
  • 7.5 year deals;
  • Originated, valued and structured long-term structured downstream transactions for regassification: 
  • Customers and continued relationships include local distribution companies, private equity investors, power plants, aggregators, and municipalities;
  • Associated with $1.2 billion North American regasification facility and 10.5 Bcfd of storage;
  • Current clients include private equity, owners, and managers of power plants, LDCs and retail aggregators.
  • Led or assisted in all aspects in start up of U.S. natural gas trading firms.
  • Developed strategy and marketing plan for gas trading & origination; involved with establishment of risk policy document, policies & procedures, and implementation for trading & origination;
  • Traded Natural Gas. Traded natural gas in the Gulf and mid-continent trading area;
  • Managed Trader, Marketers using physical and financial derivatives to meet client risk management needs for hedging exposures to volatile energy prices.
  • Negotiated long term LNG natural gas contracts.
  • Structured deals and negotiated propositions relating to LNG supply and several US-based LNG facilities;
  • Developed and implemented Northeast LNG peak-shaving business strategy. Strategy resulted in two $100 million peak-shaving LNG projects in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions; one project advanced into well-developed joint venture negotiation;
  • Coordinated, structured and negotiated power, gas and derivative transactions, tolling and capacity/commodity proposals, and contract monetizations & restructures involving local distribution companies, municipalities, utilities, and industrials;
  • Developed for client executives risk management structures and hedge programs;
  • Commercial/structuring liaison of new origination business. Assignment resulted in originators more fully understanding and utilizing company structure and capabilities and more deal flow;
  • Taught derivative structures and their applications to mitigate cash flow volatility of client businesses;
  • Developed alliances, joint ventures, and co-marketing agreements to augment market penetration of start-up businesses.
Scott Shields Katy Man, Katy man gets probation in attack on food truck driver - Houston, LNG Consultant Katy Texas Scott Shields


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